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Toyota Going Green

December 27, 2012

In today’s world, consumers are not only researching the product they are purchasing, but also the way in which it was produced. Many consumers are choosing to purchase only those products that are produced in an ecologically efficient manner. This means that manufacturers have had to start thinking “green” and have begun to find ways […]

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Hipster Irony

September 20, 2012

I’ve occasionally been annoyed by a skinny-leg-jean-wearing Joe cool who was obviously more in love with looking at his Ray Ban glasses in the mirror than watching where he was walking. After spending seven years living in Los Angeles, I’ve long-suffered the hipster phase of fashion trends. We all know the movement by now—slicked and […]

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Toyota’s Edgy Ads

September 13, 2012

Most people enjoy watching Super Bowl commercials more than the game itself. I’m a proud member of that majority. As a matter of fact, I proudly admit to working on the production of “2012 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials” this year as a script coordinator and production assistant. So it goes without saying that I’ll enjoy […]

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