Cash for Cars: More Than a Quick Buck

by Joe Ferguson on November 27, 2013


Whether you’ve been in an accident or are just bored, you will inevitably fall out of love with your vehicle. If you want to get the most out of your fond farewell, consider taking your former ride to a local used-car retailer. They can provide you with personal service and more cash for cars than the national chains.

You’ll get more money when you choose to sell to a local retailer. Because of special interests and bottom lines, massive chains can’t provide the personalized care and competitive rates your local used car buyer can. Below are some reasons that your local cash for cars company should be the first name on the list when you decide to sell your car.

Any Vehicle Will Do: While larger companies will only accept certain models, a reputable local buyer will be able to buy any vehicle you bring in — from junk cars to trucks and even snowmobiles. Don’t waste valuable time making a deal with a big company when you can save yourself a few headaches by working with your local used-car buyer.

Minimal Effort: Local cash for cars companies make the selling process a breeze. They understand that their clients lead busy lives and want the quickest transaction possible. Just remember to bring all of the keys to your car, the title, and valid identification, and you’ll be in and out in less than 30 minutes. Some companies will even send a tow truck (at no cost to you!) to pick up junk cars that won’t make the drive.

Help Out Fellow Drivers: Don’t deny others a trusty vehicle just because you’ve grown tired of your car by leaving it in the garage for the rest of its days. For some drivers, used cars and used-car parts are the only way they can secure transportation. Give back to your fellow motorists in the community, and make some cash in return by selling your car to your local used-car retailer.

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