Winter Driving Tips

by Joe Ferguson on November 25, 2013


As the weather becomes frigid and more severe, motorists all over the country will soon enter one of the most trying driving times of the year. If you want to avoid sending yourself to the hospital and your car to the junk yard, make sure that you and your vehicle are fully prepared for the winter driving challenges that lay ahead.

Save yourself from taking your car to the local junk yard or buying used auto parts to repair damage with these winter driving tips from the editors of Used Car Values.

Know the Conditions

Before hitting the road for a long (or short) drive, be certain that you’ve researched what kind of conditions you’ll be driving into. Surprises are the last thing you’ll want when traveling this winter. If you absolutely have to take a trip in potentially dangerous weather, be sure to let someone know the route you will be taking. This will make it much easier to find you if you end up getting lost or become snow-bound.

Smart Safety Tips

• Keep an emergency kit in your car in case you get stranded in a snowstorm

• If you must warm up your car before driving, don’t do it in an enclosed space, like the garage

• To avoid a frozen gas line, keep the tank at least half full when temperatures start dropping

• Never use cruise control when driving on icy or snow-covered roads

• Keep your tires properly inflated throughout winter

Driving in the Snow

Winter driving conditions in places like Indiana and Pennsylvania can become dangerous rather quickly. You never know when a light flurry will give way to a major storm. Make sure you know how to handle your car in the snow with the advice below:

• Don’t make unnecessary trips if your plans can be put on hold. Don’t risk your life for a Redbox rental

• No speeding. Accelerating and decelerating too quickly on ice and snow can result in fatal consequences

• Don’t stop on steep inclines. The only thing worse than losing control of your car on the ice is losing control of your car on the ice – backwards

Follow these tips and keep your car from being sent to the great junk yard in the sky this winter.

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