Is Your Car Winter-Ready?

by Joe Ferguson on November 18, 2013


Fall is about to make its final curtain call, which can only mean that winter will soon rear its ugly head. If you want to avoid headaches and expensive auto repairs this holiday season, now is the time to start prepping your car for the arrival of frigid air and icy driving conditions. Today the editors at Used Car Values discuss ways to ensure that your vehicle is winter-ready.

Below are some automotive winter prep tips from the editors at UCV.


Having properly maintained brakes will be very important when pavement turns to sheets of ice. If your brakes are grinding or showing signs of wear, replacing the brake pads now would be in your best interest. Don’t wait until you find yourself sliding through an intersection to finally decide it’s time to repair your brakes.

Emergency Kit

Okay, so this tip may not save you from unnecessary auto repairs, but it just might save your life.

When winter hits, every car needs an emergency preparedness kit. A well-stocked kit contains a variety of useful items you’ll be happy you packed if you ever find yourself stranded in a snowstorm. Here’s a quick list of some of the things you should have in your emergency kit:

• Jumper cables

• Road flares

• Flashlight (with extra batteries)

• Bag of kitty litter or sand (to help gain traction when trying to get your car out of the snow)

• Non-perishable food

• Water

• Extra blankets, hats, gloves

• Ice scraper, shovel


If you’re driving on bald or worn-out tires in an icy environment, you’re just asking for trouble. Before Jack Frost makes his debut, be certain that all of your car’s tires are properly inflated and rotated. Having your alignment and suspension checked before winter’s arrival is a good idea as well. Spending a bit of money to ensure your car is winter-ready now will keep you from shelling out even more cash for pricey auto repairs in the future.

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