Save Time and Money at the Salvage Yard

by Joe Ferguson on September 30, 2013

salvage yard

Your car falling into disrepair can be a major hassle. Not only will you have to pay for repairs, you’ll also have to pay for the parts. If you already have the technical know-how to repair your own car, however, you can save a lot of time and money by hitting up your local salvage yard.

Visit a reputable salvage yard, and you’ll find all the auto parts you’ll need for repairing your now defunct car. When you choose to do business with a salvage company, you’re not only saving money buying parts from salvage cars, you’re also stimulating the local economy instead of paying higher prices for the same parts with a major car company.

A well-maintained salvage yard will carry both new and used auto parts at lower prices than you would find when ordering from a massive corporation. You can also save even more money by taking advantage of pick and pull services that many salvage yards have available.

Some used parts (like bumpers, lights, tires, small motors used for the sunroof or power windows, and more) are just as viable as their new counterparts. These pieces are easy to find at the salvage yard and are much less expensive than brand-new versions.

Other parts, though, should always be replaced new. Brake pads, rotors, and other car parts that are meant to wear over time shouldn’t be replaced with already worn-out parts. These new pieces can also be found when you visit your local salvage company.

Hopefully this gives you a little insight into the great resource you have in your local salvage or junkyard. Don’t waste money by overpaying for parts you can find right in your neighborhood, and don’t waste time by waiting around for your used or new auto parts to be delivered. Hit up a trusted, local salvage company, and get the parts you need, when you need them, at a fair price.

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