Used Auto Parts vs. New Auto Parts, Part 2

by Joe Ferguson on September 24, 2013

Used Auto Parts

Is your car in need of replacement parts? It can sometimes be overwhelming to determine whether to replace defunct pieces with new or used auto parts. This is part 2 in a series about navigating the wilderness of car-part buying. Today’s focus: when buying used auto parts is your best option.

Common knowledge says that hitting up your local salvage or junkyard is the best way to find used auto parts for your car. For an automotive repair project, be sure to take advantage of the selection at your local salvage yard before ordering expensive parts from the major suppliers.

By utilizing a pick and pull program at your local salvage yard, you can find great deals on car-parts that would normally cost a pretty penny. Here’s a quick look at some of the pieces that are okay to replace with used parts.

Small Parts: Parts like taillights, headlights, steering wheels, ashtrays, and trim aren’t meant to deteriorate and wear over time. As long as your used replacement parts are still functioning properly, they can be successfully transplanted to your needy car.

Mechanical Parts: Some mechanical parts like power window motors and sunroof motors can certainly be replaced with used parts. These parts can sometimes be rather expensive to replace new, so using used parts is a smart money-saving move.

Exterior: You car’s exterior takes a lot of abuse from the world at large. Bumpers, side mirrors, tires, hubcaps, and windshield-wiper arms all take their own beatings throughout the year and can be easily replaced with used parts. Don’t waste money by buying brand new parts for pieces that are going to get beat up anyway.

Hopefully this blog arms you with a little more knowledge about which parts can easily be replaced with used parts. Your local salvage yard is a great place to find used auto parts at cheaper prices than you’d find at the manufacturer.

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