Lexus Creates Instafilm to Spotlight 2014 IS

by Kylee Spier on September 20, 2013

InstafilmSocial media has changed the way we live our everyday lives. Hashtags are everywhere we look, creating worldwide conversations within a matter of seconds. Lexus recently joined the social media craze to create their own #LexusInstafilm.

It’s smart for companies to get involved with social media. What better way is there to spark conversation with thousands of customers and get instant responses? Interacting with customers is essential, and involving them in the creation of an Instafilm is genius.

Lexus recently brought together two hundred Instagram photographers for an event called “Instameet,” In this case, Lexus made their 2014 IS F Sport the focus of this film staged at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.

The stop-motion film combined hundreds of still shots taken by auto-enthusiast Instagrammers. Don’t forget — Instagram is a mobile application, meaning every photo was taken by someone’s smartphone. No professional-quality cameras were used to create this commercial for one of the most notably luxurious car brands on the market. The thirty-second film was completed on the same day that the shoot began with the help of many groups.

LexusInstafilm is a first of its kind, which gives the 2014 IS a unique marketing angle. By creating the film with the help of customers, Lexus ensured a memorable video for consumers to enjoy. Interest will be sparked to make another in the future with a new group of Lexus-enthusiasts to be involved. If Lexus keeps up with this trend, it could turn into the next big thing: “I wonder what Lexus is going to do for their Instafilm next year?”

Check out the innovative short video and how it was made below.



Screen capture from #LexusInstafilm

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