Take Care of Your Tires Before Winter Hits

by Joe Ferguson on September 17, 2013


The health of your car’s tires should be of utmost importance all year round. As the seasons change to fall and winter, however, well-maintained tires are an incredibly important aspect of proper car maintenance. Today, we’ll discuss what you can do to ensure each tire on your car is ready for the upcoming winter driving season.

Keeping your car’s tires in working order is just as important as other car maintenance practices like oil changes and changing out brake pads. Below are a few tips to help keep the tires on your car in line.

Alignment: Before fall showers turn to frosty winter roads, make sure that the wheels on your car are properly aligned. Misaligned tires can lead to uneven wear on treads and, on frozen or slick asphalt, uneven alignment can lead to auto accidents.

Tread: Tire treads are what keep your car gripping the pavement. Before taking a long road trip for the holidays, be certain that your treads aren’t worn out and tearing apart. Bald tires (tires with virtually no tread) can be very dangerous on the road.

Rotate: It’s always a good idea to rotate your tires every 5 – 7,000 miles. If your tires are new, the most critical time to rotate is before the 5,000 mile mark. This gives them a chance to wear evenly and prevent you from wasting more time and money on replacements.

Staying on top of the health of your car’s tires is a small car maintenance step that can save you considerable hassle in the future. Attempt to keep each tire in the best condition you can to avoid surprises on your next road trip. If you still manage to encounter tire trouble (even with these helpful UCV tips), at least you know you did everything you could to prevent a mishap.

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