Toyota Sienna: The Manly Minivan?

by Kylee Spier on September 13, 2013

sienna ucvWho says only soccer moms should drive minivans? The prevailing stereotype of the minivan driver is a mom in the driver’s seat hauling around a van full of children, leaving many men to question how they would be perceived if they were to drive one of these less-than-sporty vehicles. With the latest edition of the Sienna minivan, Toyota is doing its part to change that notion.  

Toyota’s engineers have worked to create a more appealing vehicle for family men in need of a minivan. They lowered the new Sienna, gave it a tougher-looking grille, and sharpened its angles for a less boxy appearance. Toyota also aimed at making the Sienna drive more like a car than previous versions.

In an effort to gain support for the Sienna from skeptical men, Toyota recently held an event in Las Vegas called Sienna AdVANtures. The goal was to prove that guys could still do tough, “manly” activities while driving a Sienna. The vans were loaded with sports equipment and gear for several outdoor activities, and the men were sent on their way. The goal was to show that the minivan can haul more than just children, and that dads shouldn’t feel like they’re losing their “man card” behind the wheel of the new Sienna.

Toyota realizes it likely can’t make the van appeal to young, single men. But as for those with kiddos, when it comes to safety and convenience, Toyota hopes to show that the Sienna really is a dad’s best friend. A low-to-the-ground minivan is easier for kids to get in and out of than an SUV, and, more importantly, car seats fit properly in a minivan. Let’s not forget to mention that the Sienna will almost always get better gas mileage than a large SUV.

The stereotype of minivan drivers has been around for many years, and it won’t completely change with one new minivan. However, the 2014 Toyota Sienna is betting that it can change a few manly minds out there. Keep an eye out for these Sienna models on the road, and don’t be surprised if it’s not always a soccer mom behind the wheel.


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