The Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept Has Arrived

by Nate Torvik on September 12, 2013

S-Class Coupe ConceptThe 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show has arrived and with it, the attention of nearly every automotive media outlet around the world is focused on the German city. With so many automakers showing off their next-generation vehicles and the future of vehicle technology, it might be easy to get lost in the shuffle. However, if you are one of the most well-known and highly regarded automakers in the world, say Mercedes-Benz for example, your chances of being overlooked are slim to nil. The debut of the concept S-Class coupe has set the stage for the future of luxury cars.

The successor to the current CL-Class and the next member of the S-Class family, the S-Class coupe at the Frankfurt Motor Show certainly looks ready to take on the mantle of the most advanced coupe on the market. Its exterior lines cut an image that is stunning to behold, while the eye-catching grille, frameless doors, and full LED headlights deliver a vehicle that exudes luxury from every piece of its body.

S-Class coupeThe interior is a thing of beauty, a sheer whiteout evocative of a blizzard but described by Mercedes as “reminiscent of a whale’s fins just before it re-enters the water.” I’ve never seen a whale before in person, and in pictures and videos I’m much less focused on their water entrance than their sheer size, but if Mercedes says it looks like a whale fin, then by golly it looks like a whale fin. With white calfskin seats and instrument panel, this is certainly an interior like none other. Oh, and don’t forget about the four world clocks, handy for all of you international business people.

Of course included are the latest S-Class safety technologies from Mercedes Intelligent Drive system and an Active Perfuming System that faintly scents the cabin air. Really, what more could you ever ask for? We will be waiting a few years for the production of this amazing vehicle, but aren’t you already excited?


S-Class coupe photo credit: Mercedes-Benz USA

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