The Toyota Tacoma Wins Four out of Four

by Nate Torvik on August 30, 2013

TacomaEveryone knows about Toyota’s reputation as one of the most durable and reliable vehicle brands on the planet. That would help explain why the company reigns supreme over all other automotive manufacturers as the best-selling brand in the world. With customer loyalty, continued innovation, and a reputation that precedes every vehicle they roll out, Toyota has whatever “it” is within the automotive industry.

The Tacoma is one of the more popular vehicles in the lineup, and although Toyota trucks don’t outperform domestics in the U.S., their performance and quality never go unnoticed. Well, Toyota recently released a series of spots displaying the true toughness and competitiveness that the Tacoma delivers, and they are all rather amusing.

The commercials visit four very unique scenarios:

  • A blubbering girlfriend whose tears are reminiscent of the waters at Niagara Falls
  • A Classic battle of wits and strategy in a game of chess with the Grim Reaper.
  • A magician who clearly has nothing on Harry Houdini
  • A mime who probably wishes he had chosen a profession that would allow him to scream in anguish.

All four challengers are featured in these spots, and all four go down without a fight. Sure, the Tacoma may not have the muscle and size that its brother, the Tundra, features, so towing the Space Shuttle Endeavour may never be in its future. However, it is no small task to take on all of the contenders featured in the videos and come out on top.

Watch my personal favorite of the four videos, Tacoma vs. Girlfriend, below, and check out the other three on Toyota USA’s Tacoma YouTube page. Can you think of any other foes the Tacoma may be able to defeat? Follow along on Twitter at #TacomaWins!

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