Windshield Replacement or Repair?

by Joe Ferguson on August 21, 2013

UCV-Windshield Replacement

Without a windshield, driving would be a much more difficult endeavor. Your windshield is your best friend on the road, keeping wind and debris from blowing in your face so you can focus on driving. If your car is in need of a windshield replacement or repair, make sure you’re a good friend as well and give your vehicle the automotive TLC it deserves.

Broken windshields cut down on visibility for drivers and can be a major source of distraction. If your windshield only has minor cracks and chips, windshield repair could be a viable option.

During the windshield repair process, moisture is vacuumed from the site of the damage. Then a specially formulated resin is injected into the chip or crack. The process doesn’t completely remove all evidence of the damage, but it does return the windshield back to its original strength and negates the need for an all-out replacement of the windshield.

For cracks larger than six inches, windshield replacement may be your only option. Large cracks have a tendency to continue growing and could end up causing your windshield to unexpectedly shatter all over you and your passenger.

Windshield replacement is a fairly simple procedure for experienced automotive technicians. The old glass is cut out and all surface metal is cleaned and polished, ensuring no glass fragments or dirt interfere with the urethane adhesive that’s used to affix the new windshield to the car. The new windshield is then “glued” into place, and after properly drying, your car has a brand new set of eyes.

Whether you just need a simple repair or a more drastic replacement, be sure to treat your windshield with the respect it deserves. Without the windshield, you’d be eating bugs every time you drive to the grocery store, and then by the time you made it to the store, you’d be full of bugs. Don’t let having a faulty windshield ruin your appetite.

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