2013 Frankfurt Motor Show to Welcome Toyota Hybrid R Concept

by Nate Torvik on August 16, 2013

Toyota Hybrid RSince the origination of the Toyota Prius in 1997, Prius has grown into an entire family of vehicles, welcoming other members to the Toyota hybrid lineup along the way. Today the brand manufactures eight different hybrid and electric vehicles, including the Avalon Hybrid and the RAV4 EV. While the company has sold millions of these vehicles, there is no stopping advancement and innovation, and if any manufacturer puts an emphasis on these things, it is Toyota.

Indeed, hybrid enthusiasts have looked to Toyota to continue to push the envelope in the electric and hybrid automobile market. Well hybrid fans, we may all be getting a glimpse of exactly what we’ve been asking for — in the form of the Toyota Hybrid R concept.

The Toyota Hybrid R concept is set to debut in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, much to the joy of Toyota fans. Autoguide is reporting that the R concept is said to be based on a current production vehicle, which by the teaser images looks to be the Yaris. The powertrain is also rumored to be similar to the current one that resided in the TS030 hybrid Le Mans race car for Toyota. It will probably not produce the same amount of power as the racer, but that would still be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

The Hybrid R concept could well be the next generation of hybrid vehicles from the originator of the technology, but we will have to see what the company unveils next month. How excited are you for the next amazing hybrid vehicle from Toyota?

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