Mercedes Teams Up with Google

by Nate Torvik on August 1, 2013

Google GlassMost people know that Google is one of the world’s leaders in innovation and technology both in their products as well as their ideologies. Many others know that Mercedes-Benz has been one of the most influential members of the automotive industry since the car was invented back in 1886, delivering cutting-edge designs and features to each of its new vehicles. So, it would make sense that a combination of two incredibly influential companies coming together to form one unique system would produce excitement, even with a product that isn’t close to seeing the market.

Google Glass is a product developed by Google that will display a screen in front of the user with a pair of glasses, showing images of social media, news, weather, you name it. It is essentially a walking computer screen, giving you whatever you want right there in front of you while you’re walking, driving, sitting, eating, or really any activity. Mercedes-Benz wants to take this next-generational technology and integrate it with some of the most advanced automobiles in the world. The goal? Seamless navigation.

The idea behind the integration is to combine driving directions with walking ones. Whereas people can navigate while in their car, the car’s GPS is no help when they step out and begin walking to their destination. The Google Glass technology teamed with Mercedes-Benz models would seamlessly change from one to the other in real time for the consumer.

True, the Google Glass technology is not available to the everyday person just yet, and this innovation may be multiple years in the making. However, the fact is Mercedes continues to push the envelope in vehicle technology, and it is bringing one of the world’s largest tech giants along for the ride.

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