Car Maintenance Road Trip Checklist

by Joe Ferguson on July 30, 2013


Summer is starting to wind down and you, of course, want to hit the pavement one last time for a memorable road trip. You may have all of your snacks, playlists, and destinations picked out but have you made sure that your car is ready for the journey? Today we’ll talk about your car maintenance road trip checklist.

Just because you’re itching to leave town for a few days doesn’t mean your vehicle is prepped for the journey. Look through this car maintenance checklist before taking your trip – it may save you some money and prevent headaches in the future.

Tires: Ensuring your tires are rotated properly and have the appropriate air pressure should be one of your top priorities before any extended period of driving. Poor tire care can lead to uneven wear and could even leave you stranded on the highway if you don’t remember to always have a spare tire and jack in the trunk.

Brake Check: By far one of the most important safety features of any car, the brakes must be thoroughly inspected before a long road trip. Have a brake check performed to make sure they’re not grinding or squealing during normal city driving. Bad brakes on the open road can spell disaster, not only for you, but motorists around you.

Lights: If you’re heading out on a road trip, you’ll most likely be driving at night. Before leaving, be positive that all of your car’s external and internal lights are functioning properly. If you’re not sure of the status of your lights, don’t drive at night. Wait until you have a friend or neighbor who can stand outside of the car while you operate different lights and they’ll be able to tell you if the lights are working or not.

Emergency Kit: This may not be a part of car maintenance, but keeping an emergency kit in your car at all times is a great idea. Whether you’re driving to the grocery store or through the mountains, accidents can happen at any time.

Your car is your constant companion. You wouldn’t let your friend go on a long trip if they were sick, so why would you let your vehicle? Make sure that your car is in prime condition before taking it across state lines.

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