Toyota Brings Back 100 Cars for Good

by Nate Torvik on July 19, 2013

toyota_100_cars_for_good1As the world’s largest automaker, Toyota is one of the most successful companies in the history of the business universe. The executives at Toyota, therefore, have many opportunities to give back to the world that has made it such a cornerstone in the automotive market. This year, the brand is bringing back an incredibly philanthropic program called “100 Cars for Good.” The name essentially speaks for itself; Toyota is giving 100 cars to 100 different nonprofit organizations, hoping to provide an essential tool for nonprofits to continue their work and spread goodness across the United States.

The Facebook-driven contest gives programs the chance to apply for a brand-new vehicle from Toyota. Starting on July 22, up to 2,500 organizations will have the chance to apply by August 5, or until the spots fill up, whichever happens first. After that process, 250 finalists will be voted on by a panel of representatives, who will determine the finalists based on the applicants’ need, potential impact of the vehicle, as well as the diversity of the organization’s population, geographic area, and missions.

With so many nonprofit organizations out there helping countless numbers of people, both inside and outside of the U.S., 100 vehicles may not seem like a very large number. As a matter of fact, if you are a person inside of one of these groups, you may think it’s even smaller. However, to those that are able to win one of these amazing Toyota models, it could have the largest impact.

If you are a part of one of these incredible groups of people dedicated to helping the lives of others, go onto the “100 Cars for Good” Facebook page and see if you are eligible to apply and get started! One car can have an everlasting effect on your life and the lives of all of those that you are improving.


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