Selling Your Car

by Joe Ferguson on July 17, 2013

sell your car

There’s no shame in developing a sentimental attachment to your car – it happens to the best of us. Sometime in the future, however, you will eventually have to part ways with your beloved vehicle. Here are some tips to keep your car in the best condition possible right now so you can avoid extra work (and emotional distress) in the unfortunate event that you meet someone (well, something) new.

You’re not ready now, but you will have to give up your prized ride down the road, whether it’s because you sell your car to the salvage yard after it loses its touch, or because you find a new ride that better suits you.

Don’t jump the gun fantasizing about your next vehicle, though. There’s plenty of work to do with your current ride to maintain its used car value before hunting down your next car, or taking your current one to the salvage yard.

Here are some tips to maintain your current car’s integrity, so that when it is time to sell your car, it will be in the best possible condition.

1.Cleanliness is Key – Wash your car at least once a month during every season. Frequent cleanings in winter are especially beneficial and keeps corrosive road salts off your car’s exterior.

2.Inside and Out – Simple tasks like keeping the upholstery, dashboard, and windows clear of debris can significantly aid in maintaining your used car’s value.

3.Maintenance – Just because you’re selling your car or sending it to the salvage yard isn’t an excuse to let it fall into disrepair. The better the condition of your car when you sell it, the more money you’ll receive.

If your car is so far gone that basic maintenance won’t keep it running, sell it to the junk yard. Your clunker can become useful for other car owners who may need its used auto parts to keep their own favorite ride roadworthy.

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