Car Alarm 101, Part 3: Extras

by Joe Ferguson on July 15, 2013

Keeping your car secure these days can be quite the task. Car theft has been around since the inception of the automobile. As our vehicles press on to the future of technological advancement, so do the techniques used to steal them. This is the final chapter in a 3-part blog series about the different types of car alarm systems in hopes that you’ll be able to choose one that’s right for you.

Our first installment discussed basic passive car alarms. They’re beneficial in the sense that no user intervention is necessary for their function. Simply lock the car, walk away, and your car alarm is doing its job. They do come with limitations, however, and they aren’t the most responsive or up-to-date alarm systems on the market.

Our second chapter in the series discussed shock sensors, which are active alarms. These sensors are more technologically sophisticated than their passive brethren, but still come with similar limitations.

Today we’ll talk about extra functions you can add to your existing car alarm that can improve its functionality and make you feel safer in the process.

Remote Start/Two-Way Paging: The ability to remotely start a car is a fairly new concept. This gives owners the option to start their car while approaching it. Since the remote starter is linked to the car’s ignition (like most car alarms), if someone attempts to break into the car, the key fob will vibrate and alert the owner.

GPS Car Alarms: This wonderful contraption can help owners of stolen or misplaced vehicles track their property down with the help of a GPS device. This is especially helpful in case you have to involve the authorities in finding your car.

Silent Alarms: With a silent alarm, there aren’t any blaring sirens or whistles. Instead, you get a message to your fob or cellphone that your car is being broken into. This may be the least effective alarm because it lacks the deterring power of traditional audible alarms that can scare off would-be thieves and alert others nearby.

No one wants to bank on having a car stolen, but getting an alarm system installed by a reputable team of automotive professionals can save you from this grisly scenario and from a lot of headaches down the road. Find the best alarm system to suit your needs.

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