Toyota to Send Talking Robot to Space

by Nate Torvik on July 2, 2013

Kirobo the talking robot … in space, no one can hear you scream.What’s it like to be a robot in space? Well, considering the amount of robotic equipment that the world has thrown up there in the past to further explore the depths of space, going where no man has gone before and such, we can assume that it would have to be pretty boring. After all, Wall-E was just a movie created by Pixar of a cute robot who lived on a trash-heap-filled planet Earth. They couldn’t send something like him up there, could they?

The people at Toyota Motor Corporation have decided to put a talking robot into space, hopefully with no ill side effects the likes of HAL from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey saw. Kirobo the talking robot will be sent to space in August of 2013 to have the first robot-to-human communication in space. The International Space Station will be hosting this amazing feat of Toyota engineering, and the Megaman-looking Kirobo will find his place in the history books.

Obviously Kirobo is not your common, everyday Toyota model, but when it comes to cutting-edge, next-generation-kind-of-technology and ideas, it is really no wonder that the people at Toyota were the ones to imagine and develop this technological wonder. Luckily, I don’t think that we are in store for the robots intending to take over the world from cinema (the robots from I, Robot weren’t so good, and everyone knows about those Terminator fellas…). The amazing effect of the technology that this robot will provide mankind is definitely one giant leap toward the future of space exploration and innovation.


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