The Lexus IS Looks Awfully Familiar…

by Nate Torvik on June 15, 2013

lexus-lf-cc-poses-on-trackBy now, every Lexus fan –and most automotive fans – has seen the amazingly beautiful 2014 Lexus IS line that has been released. Currently, the lineup features strictly four-door sedans, but a coupe version of the automotive work of art could soon be in production. True Lexus aficionados may recognize some similarities in the lines of the car to other Lexus models, but do you know where the redesigned IS came from?

The world is nothing without history, and history often defines the present and future. The same process resides in the vehicular world, and no vehicle is created without some cues taken from a predecessor. The new IS, as a matter of fact, takes its style from the LF-CC concept, which was part of the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

That’s right, the jaw-dropping concept from 2012 returns, but no longer in its futuristic form. Recently, Lexus took some gorgeous shots of the LF-CC concept and the 2014 Lexus IS side-by-side, making it blatantly obvious that the concept was the true inspiration for the latest model. The gaping front grille, split headlights, low-riding air inlets, and sleek, smooth lines from the headlights toward the back of the car are direct correlations between the two vehicles.

Concept vehicles are exactly how they sound, ideas for the future of the automotive industry. Sometimes, they may have little-to-no influence on the next evolution for an automaker, or, like the LF-CC and IS, they may have nearly identical features and functionality. So the next time you see a concept vehicle from your favorite brand, look at it in a different view. That might just be the next generation of your car, or one that you want to drive a few years down the road.

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