Mercedes-Benz Goes Five for Five

by Nate Torvik on June 11, 2013

emblem_genuineIt is not often that any company can say they’ve had record-setting months five months in a row to start the year. Maybe you have some good months, then some great ones, and sprinkled in a few bad months just to keep you honest. However, Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) can honestly say that 2013 may well be the best year ever for the legendary automaker. With an 8.3% sales jump from May 2012 compared to May 2013, that’s five consecutive months in which Mercedes has set new records, bringing its year-to-date total to an all-time high along with it. Can the luxury automotive juggernaut keep up this torrid pace?

I say, why not? Near the end of June, Mercedes will be introducing the second half of its amazing 2014 E-Class family when the coupes and cabriolets hit the floor. There are other new models releasing this year, including the cutting-edge 2014 S-Class, but the real big kahuna will come in the fall of 2013 in the form of the CLA-Class.

With the help of Mercedes most affordable new coupe, they could well take the crown of highest- selling luxury car company in the U.S. in 2013. The CLA-Class is spending its time targeting the younger, more impressionable demographic, waiting for the perfect moment to strike (later this year). If the numbers even get close to matching expectations, this could be a pivotal moment in MBUSA history.

The CLA-Class will join the ever popular C-Class and E-Class to lead the way into the future of Mercedes. With sales at a record high over 117,535 units already this year, the sky is seemingly the limit for the German company, and it might not even stop there. What will they think of next? Whatever you’re thinking right now, they’ve probably already thought of it.


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