What’s That Squealing?

by Joe Ferguson on June 10, 2013

Car troubleshooting

Maintaining a used car’s value can sometimes be an overwhelming process. Even if you’ve done absolutely everything in your power to keep your vehicle in good working order, things can still go awry. Today we’ll talk about tell-tale signs that your car needs a little TLC.
No matter where you get your car from, whether from a used-car dealer or a reputable auto auction, you may run into problems that aren’t going to pop out at you at first.

Grinding: A grinding noise coming from your car while turning could mean a couple of things. You may be low on power steering fluid – an easy fix. A grinding noise could also mean that your brake pads are due for a change. Worn-down brake pads can scrape against the rotor, resulting in a grinding or scraping sound.

Shaking: If you’ve noticed a significant amount of shaking while driving, you’ll want to make sure that your tires are aligned, have the correct air pressure, and that the tire treads aren’t worn out. This could also be a bigger problem – your car’s suspension might be out of whack and in need of a tune-up.

Squealing: Does your car sound like there’s a piglet trapped under the hood? The squealing could be caused by a worn-out serpentine, AC, or alternator belt.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of automotive maladies and cures – just a quick look at the annoying noises our cars make and some possible solutions. Always make sure to do a thorough investigation of any new, used, or auction car you’re about to purchase to check for any small issues like these to hopefully avoid much bigger problems down the road.

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