Lexus Takes to Two Wheels With an F Sport Bicycle

by Chris Crowley on June 8, 2013

Lexus F Sport bicycleAre you a Lexus fanatic? I mean, are you the kind of Lexus fan that drives an IS F to work, keeps a GX 460 on hand for family road trips, and buys a CT Hybrid for your just-passed-the-driver’s-test 16-year-old daughter? Then I have a new way for you to get even more Lexus … the Lexus F Sport bicycle.

Yes, you read that right – Lexus has created a limited edition road bicycle in honor of the dear departed Lexus LFA. Much like the body of the LFA supercar, which ended its limited production run in December, the F Sport bicycle is constructed of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic). Per Lexus Enthusiast, the LFA-inspired bicycle “is equipped with a 22-speed shifting electric-control mechanism, which enables the rider to shift gears easily — each bicycle was assembled by Takumi technicians and painted to LFA standards.”

While a bicycle from an auto company may sound like a bit of a stretch to some, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hardcore Lexus fans. The company introduced the Lexus HB, a hybrid bicycle concept, at the 2009 Tokyo Motorshow. Like the commemorative LFA bike, the HB was constructed mostly of carbon fiber, but it featured dual electric motors for optional two-wheel drive power.

If I’ve piqued your interest, I feel as though I should apologize. Much like the LFA, the Lexus F Sport bicycle looks to be very rare and may be even harder to find. According to Lexus Enthusiast, only regional offices (not individual Lexus dealers) are able to place orders for the bicycles, and a grand total of three have made their way to the U.S. and Canada thus far. So if you really want one, you may have to put some miles on your trusty GX to track it down.


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