Five and Counting for Toyota

by Nate Torvik on June 6, 2013

toyota logoRiding the continuous wave of consumer confidence in the United States as the economy slowly climbs its way uphill, Toyota sales rose a whopping three percent in the month of May. All right, so there may not seem like a whopping percentage, but when you look at the fact that the brand sold 207,952 units in the month of May, perhaps that small number looks a bit larger. Five months into 2013, will Toyota yet again be able to claim the title of the best-selling automaker in the world?

Helping Toyota reach this acme was old reliable, one of the most popular vehicles in America for countless years, the Toyota Camry. With sales topping out at nearly 40,000 units for the month of May, the Camry reclaimed its position atop the midsize car leaderboard.  The second place finisher? The Honda Accord, at around 33,000 sold, wasn’t all that close.

The Prius family of vehicles also had its largest sales month since April 2012, with a 10 percent increase to 23,522 deliveries. These vehicles are becoming more and more popular as gas prices hold steady and people become more environmentally conscious. The Prius started a craze, and it’s continuing to sweep the nation.

The all-new Corolla will be making its debut soon, and with that should come an entirely new wave of excitement and desire from Toyota consumers. Summer sales events and Toyota deals in combination with the extremely successful lineup of Toyota models should keep the brand one step ahead of its competition. Sales continue to rise for each division of the company, and with new models come new excitement and more momentum. You’d all better watch out, automakers. Toyota is doing it again.

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