What to Do After a Car Break-In

by Joe Ferguson on May 31, 2013

Car Thief

Monday morning, 7 a.m., you wake up and can feel the sun’s warmth beckoning you to open the window and take a quick peek at the gorgeous morning. While scanning the street soaked in morning light, your eyes land on your new car and the magical morning is immediately ruined – your car’s been broken into. Today we’ll talk about what to do after a car break-in.

The first thing you notice are the glistening fragments of glass where your driver’s side window used to be, reflecting your once beloved morning sunshine. Don’t panic though; your window may be smashed into a thousand pieces on the ground (and on the driver’s seat) but window replacement shouldn’t be a problem. There are bigger issues to contend with at that moment. Here are some quick tips to get things in order after the break-in.

1.Take Pictures! If you have comprehensive auto insurance, it may cover break-ins. It’s a lot easier to prove what has happened to the insurer with photographic evidence.

2.Take Stock of Everything. Make a list of what was in the car and what is now missing. Then head into the house and make sure that the missing items on your list weren’t actually sitting in your home.

3.Police Report. Regardless of whether you want to attempt pressing charges or file an insurance claim, it’s a good idea to call the police and have them write up a report. That way, they know that break-ins are happening in the area, and if you do want to make an insurance claim, you’ll have a police report to back you up.

4.Assess the Damage. Whether you’re filing that insurance claim or not, you’ll want to know what kind of car repair costs you’ll be dealing with.

5.Stay Classy. Don’t try to go all Batman and start roaming neighborhood streets at night looking for would-be thieves like some kind of automotive vigilante. Let the police do the patrolling and try to do things in the future that can lower your risk of another car break-in, such as taking all valuables (or at least stash your treasures out of sight) into your house when getting out of the car.

Okay, you’ve done everything you can do about your unfortunate morning for the time being. Now it’s time to sweep the glass off your driver’s seat and head to work. It is Monday morning, after all.

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