Tire Maintenance 101

by Joe Ferguson on May 28, 2013

exploded truck tire

Your car is your constant companion. It takes you all over town, from the grocery store, to the cinema, and even on long road trips. That’s why it’s imperative that you are familiar with the state of your automobile’s condition. Some very important aspects of auto maintenance often go overlooked, and today we’re going to discuss what can occur when that happens.

It seems that things like oil changes and basic engine maintenance take up most of the attention when it comes to caring for your car. It’s important, however, to consider less obvious, car-care musts before significant problems arise.

One of the most important chores that you, as a responsible car owner, should be thinking about is taking care of your tires. Tire maintenance can easily go overlooked because as long as your car is running, you may assume that the tires are in good condition. This line of logic could get you into some serious trouble down the road.

Just because your car isn’t crashing to the ground doesn’t necessarily mean your tires are in their best shape. Here are some quick things to consider about tire maintenance:

•Check the tread of your tires. Ensure that there aren’t signs of damage or worn-out treads. This check is especially important before long trips.

•Tire alignment is also very important. Misaligned tires can lead to uneven wearing on the treads and, in extreme driving conditions, could lead to a serious accident.

•Be sure that when you set out for a road trip (or even just a drive down the street, really) that you have everything you need to change a flat: a spare tire, tire iron, and a car jack are the essential elements any good driver should have in the trunk at all times.

Caring for your car’s tires may not be the most glamorous aspect of car care, but it’s essential for safe and responsible travel. Not neglecting your tires could save you from expensive automotive repairs in the future.

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