Brake Check

by Joe Ferguson on May 23, 2013

Mechanic Inserting Brake Pad

Brakes are, by far, one of the most important aspects of your vehicle’s functionality. Without a braking system, cars would be even more lethal than they already are. Be sure to take care of your brakes so that they can take care of you next time you have to make a split-second stop.

Let’s face it, gang, the roads can be vicious out there. With the distracted driving epidemic of the past few years, it’s even more imperative that you have a brake check (along with a thorough inspection for all of your car’s safety features) to ensure all of your car’s faculties are in perfect working order.

Just because you (the responsible driver I know you are) are taking all of the proper driving precautions doesn’t mean that Tommy “Text and Drive” Jones is. You may have to come to an abrupt stop when Tommy forgets to look up from his phone and collides with a car that is slowing down in front of him. If your brakes are worn down or out of whack, you may just be car number three in the pile up.

Not taking care of your brakes now could lead to even more costly car repairs in the future. If a brake remains in disrepair for too long, the brake pads can disintegrate and cause important pieces to grind together.

This can cause the rotors to warp and you may end up having to replace the brakes and rotors on your car. Don’t be like Tommy “Text and Drive”, he’s a walking disaster. Take care of your brakes now and save yourself from considerable headaches in the future.

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