Youth Traffic Safety Month

by Joe Ferguson on May 17, 2013

Youth Traffic Safety Month

Great deals of young people are on the road all year long, but warmer weather calls for more nights out and for road trips as well. With summer vacation for teens and young adults starting up, May is the perfect time of year to hold Youth Traffic Safety Month.

Not all teenagers are terrible drivers, but statistics do tell us that the most accident-prone drivers on the road are between 13-19 years-of-age. With this knowledge, it’s important to instill good driving practices in our kids. Any parent would rather lose a car to the salvage yard than their child.

In today’s climate of non-stop communication, it’s almost impossible to do even the most menial of tasks without being in constant contact with a friend or relative. While this can be a positive for many reasons, operating a vehicle is the time to practice focus and concentration on a single task – driving.

Teens aren’t the only people guilty of attempted multi-tasking while driving, but death tolls for teenagers in distracted driving accidents have been on a steady incline for years. That’s why it’s imperative that parents not only teach their kids proper driving protocol, but that they actually show them how to drive without indulging distractions.

No phone call is worth getting into a potentially fatal crash. Teens (and adults) must realize that just talking on the phone while driving can significantly lower reaction time and fumbling around with a cell phone while operating a car is as dangerous as driving inebriated.

It’s not just phone use that leads to higher accident rates among teenagers. Teens are more prone to risky behavior like not wearing seat belts and blaring siren-deafening music while driving. Showing young drivers that these unsafe practices contribute to the fact that car crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers is the goal of Youth Traffic Safety Month. In a collision, simple precautions like wearing a seatbelt can mean the difference between making an auto parts contribution to the junkyard or a tragic death.

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