Mercedes Next SUV: Introducing the GLA-Class

by Nate Torvik on April 29, 2013

Ever the leader in the most innovative products to come to the automotive industry, Mercedes-Benz spent some time at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show debuting its latest concept vehicle to the world: the GLA-Class. At the last major auto show of the global season, Mercedes pulled out all the stops with the GLA-Class, and showed the world what the next generation of urban travel and compact SUVs could look like.

The next generation crossover wasn’t a complete surprise to Mercedes fans that had previously seen leaked images and details come across the Internet prior to its debut, but it still provided more than enough excitement for the masses. Built on the same platform of the increasingly popular A and B-Class vehicles from Europe (from which the upcoming CLA-Class also originated), the GLA-Class may have been introduced as a concept, but could easily become the next production vehicle from Mercedes-Benz.

As a smaller, more practical crossover SUV, the GLA-Class is the latest example of Mercedes desire to provide affordable vehicles for a younger market. A 2.0L, 208 hp engine to go with Mercedes seven-speed automatic transmission and 4MATIC® system will give customers all of the basic performance amenities of the top-of-the-line Mercedes models that are being produced today.

The GLA-Class even has otherworldly headlights, with lasers that not only produce more light, but could be used as a kind of projector, like your own personal drive-in movie theater. The reason being, the car could project useful interactive media in front of the car, such as directional arrows, but that is mostly the concept part of the GLA-Class talking.

It really shouldn’t take too many changes before this crossover is ready to hit the road and drive into the hearts of Mercedes owners everywhere. What do you think about this latest idea from the masterminds at Mercedes-Benz?

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