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by Joe Ferguson on April 29, 2013

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Owning and maintaining a car is an expensive endeavor. Making the initial purchase of the vehicle is your first taste of car ownership and can cost a serious amount of cash. You then have to keep essential parts of the car functioning properly and pay the ever-increasing gas prices to keep your ride moving. Today we’ll talk about some things you can do to cut down on the costs of being a car owner.

First of all, most cars come with a hefty price tag. Purchasing a used car from a company that provides buy-here-pay-here financing can significantly lower the price you would pay for the same car at a different dealer. If you’re worried about not getting a loan because of poor credit, don’t sweat it; some places even offer a bad credit auto loan for those of us who need it.

You’ll still have payments to make, though, and there are other automobile-related costs to cut back. Taking the time for simple preventative maintenance can keep you from paying expensive repair fees down the road.

Taking care of easy-to-handle things like checking your windshield wipers, testing your AC and battery, or making sure your tire pressure is at the right level can mean the difference between spending a few bucks on a quick trip to the air pump and shelling out the cash to buy a brand new tire.

Gas costs are probably the biggest headache for most drivers. Even though many of us have grown accustomed (or numb) to expensive fuel prices, the gas pump is still taking a good deal of our money. A quick way to use less gas is to conserve the AC and only use it when the windows are up. If you’re about to drive somewhere close by, take a walk or a bike ride instead of wasting gas on a 5-minute trip.

You can, of course, get an auto loan to offset the high cost of buying a car as well. With options like easy financing and flexible repayment plans, you’ll be able to drive and keep your car in great condition without being filled with regret every time you hit the road or stop at the gas station.

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