Don’t Underestimate the Van

by Joe Ferguson on April 24, 2013


Vans have long had a bad rap and it’s no fault of their own. Sure they’re kind of goofy looking and won’t do much to improve your image, but these utilitarian machines are designed to move cargo – whether that cargo is medical supplies, band equipment, or a bunch of screaming kids on the way to soccer practice – and they do it well.

You don’t often see bidders at an auto auction clamoring for a chance to get their hands on an auction vehicle like a mini or 15-passenger van. Why is that? Sure, maybe I’m sensitive because my first ride was a 1996 Chevy Lumina minivan and I caught considerable flack for driving it, but let’s investigate why having a van could be beneficial for you.

There’s a certain connotation that goes along with a van driver, specifically a minivan driver. Some people assume that just because someone is driving a van that they’re some kind of child chauffeur. While a lot of parents choose a van over more exciting vehicles for their capacity to haul kids around, a van has a lot to offer to folks with non-child-related needs.

Benefits of Owning a Van:

• Perfect for the Drive-In: Plenty of leg room and you can even sit on top of the van if you need a higher vantage point

• Road Trip Approved: Once again, spacious enough for passengers to lounge on long drives; some vans even have TVs in the back which could cure some road trip boredom

• Tailgating: Vans are ideal for tailgating – especially if it starts raining

• Hauling: With a van at your disposal, you’ll be able to move anything (that will fit inside, obviously) safely and comfortably in an enclosed area

These benefits to owning a van purchased at a government auction far outweigh any small amount of shame you feel when tooling around in one. Next time you see someone drive by in a minivan, don’t crack jokes, instead say, “Wow. I bet that van is perfect on road trips.” Then get in your tiny car and rethink your entire automotive life.

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