Used Cars are Best for First Time Car Owners

by Joe Ferguson on April 22, 2013


So your son or daughter has finally reached that coveted age of sixteen. Assuming they’ve already been through some driving training with a learner’s permit, and you trust them enough (as much as you can trust a teenager) to drive solo, it’s time to find them their first car.

The first car is a big deal to most people. Don’t just squeal your tires; be diligent when finding the right ride for your kid. You’ll regret spending too much money on something that is most likely going to be driven into the ground. Used cars are king when it comes time for a first automobile.

A used car will definitely cost less and will give the first-time driver a “practice” car. If you buy your kid a brand new Camaro right off the bat and they end up totaling it, you’re out significantly more cash than if you would have gone with a used car.

A child sitting behind the wheel of a car can be a scary thought for some parents. With all that goes into properly maintaining the value of a used car, some may think a teenager may not be up to the task.

Simple things like making sure the vehicle has the appropriate tire pressure and the occasional oil change shouldn’t be too far out of your kid’s wheelhouse. These are simple aspects of car maintenance and are a good starting point when teaching a teen how to take proper care of their car.

For more serious automotive repairs, go with your kid to the auto shop. Have the mechanic explain to them what’s wrong and how they’re going to fix the problem. Today’s “fix-it-for-me” generation could use some good automotive education.

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