C-Class Adding Convertible, Hybrid, and Diesel!

by Nate Torvik on April 17, 2013

For many years, the C-Class from Mercedes-Benz has been one of the company’s most popular vehicles. Already featuring a coupe and sedan version, the C-Class offers a more affordable, high-quality entry point for consumers who desire the outstanding design and groundbreaking technology that comes with each Mercedes model, but need a smaller price tag. Well, I have good news for all of those fans out there who have loved their C-Class like it was the son or daughter they’d never had (just don’t tell your son or daughter…): Mercedes is bringing a convertible, hybrid, and diesel version to the U.S. when they redesign the C-Class in 2014.

By developing these new body styles, the C-Class will become one of the most versatile families in the Mercedes lineup, joining the likes of the E-Class in vehicle options. The only difference will be the lack of a station wagon, which is generally in very low demand in the U.S. anyways. According to the Automotive News, these new models will directly counter the great success that the BMW 3-Series group of vehicles has had in the U.S. luxury market, which outsold the C-Class 99,602 units to 81,697 units in 2012.

“We were fighting the 3-Series with two arms tied behind our back, and now we will change that,” Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Steve Cannon said in an interview.
These vehicles will all appear in U.S. dealerships starting toward the end of 2014, with the coupe appearing in early 2015, and the convertible, hybrid, and diesel options to follow. Fans are already drooling over spy shots and other exterior views that have popped up online for the next C-Class model. What do you think about its potential?

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