Georgia-Carolina Auto Auction Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

by Nate Torvik on April 10, 2013


Georgia-Carolina Auto Auction (GCAA), the “Best Two-Lane Auction in the Southeast,” celebrated its 10-year anniversary. After a decade of serving customers in the Southeast region with tens of thousands of vehicles sold, GCAA presented special offers at its 10-Year Anniversary Sale from April 10-12, 2013 at its public auction facility.

Georgia-Carolina Auto Auction (GCAA) has strived to provide customers with a unique experience and superior service, making it one of the largest public auto auctions in the Southeast. From April 10-12, 2013, GCAA celebrated its 10-year anniversary by offering customers special deals at its 10-Year Anniversary Sale.

As an award-winning auction, GCAA has been able to provide customers with access to listing their products on multiple Internet distribution channels, such as, OpenLane, and SmartAuction, setting them apart from many other auction venues.

“Our passion is for our customer and giving them the best possible auction experience, in lane or online,” said Jeff Risner, owner of GCAA. “Our vested interest is in our customers and our ability to continuously adapt and change specific to the industry climate and our customers’ needs. This has really set us apart over the years.”

With a two-lane system, every buyer at GCAA that has come through their facility has had the opportunity to see every car being auctioned. This has made an even larger impact on the customer experience, one of the main keys to their success. Read Complete Press Release

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