A Look at the 2014 Scion tC

by Nate Torvik on April 5, 2013

The recent 2013 New York International Auto Show brought plenty of fanatics and media critics to the Big Apple to partake in one of the largest annual auto shows in the U.S. Amongst all of the bright lights, glimmering paint jobs, and roaring engines, a few vehicle debuts struck the fancies of even the pickiest fans. Toyota introduced its latest version of the Highlander, as well as a very exciting development in its Scion brand, bringing out 10-year anniversary editions of its vehicles and an upgraded, stunning new Scion tC.

As the most popular car in the Scion lineup, the tC accounts for around 40 percent of the total sales for the brand. An affordable, sporty coupe, it has played well in the younger market, but is looking for more of an edge. Never viewed as a high-performance vehicle, the new, more aggressive tC is ready to take on its challengers and detractors.

A revamped exterior exemplifies assertiveness, with sharper lines, a more muscular grille, and a lower hood. Although the engine remains the same, the new coupe receives an upgraded six-speed automatic or manual transmission, and the suspension is stiffer, providing better handling while putting drivers behind the wheel of that sports car look and feel they’ve always wanted.

With two new colors (Absolutely Red and Blue Streak Metallic, sound exciting don’t they?), the Scion tC will target the youth of America. Scion as a nameplate already boasts the youngest median age for buyers (37), and with the new FR-S and the debut of the 10-year anniversary models highlighted by the tC, one can expect them to get even younger. What do you think about the latest from Scion?



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