Lexus LF-LC Getting the Green Light?

by Chris Crowley on April 3, 2013

Lexus LF-LC ConceptIf you’re a fan of ultra high-end supercars (and who isn’t?), you were probably pretty bummed when Lexus pulled the plug on the production of its beautifully extravagant LFA in December. Good news – It appears that Lexus may not be out of the game for very long. Though not officially announced by Lexus, word on the street is that the LF-LC concept car has been cleared for production.

Lexus VP of Marketing Brian Smith told WardsAuto that Lexus has decided to move forward with the rear-wheel drive sport coupe “due to overwhelming response,” but declined to offer any details on when it will begin production or when it may arrive. The addition of the LF-LC would bolster the automaker’s “F Line” of racing-inspired vehicles, which has been decimated of late by the departure of the LFA and the rumored move to discontinue the Lexus IS F sport sedan.

Though the Lexus LF-LC is defined as a hybrid sport coupe and not a “true” supercar, its sleek, bold exterior design and posh, futuristic interior (both liberally adorned with carbon fiber) certainly put it in that league. The most recent version of the LF-LC, which appeared at the Australian International Motor Show, was powered by a V-8 based “Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive” with maximum output of 498 hp. While this doesn’t quite reach the bordering-on-ridiculous 553 hp of the Lexus LFA, a production version of the LF-LC with these specs would go a long way toward filling the gaping, LFA-shaped hole at the top of the automaker’s performance line.  Early guesstimates place the cost of the LF-LC well below the LFA’s $375,000 price tag.

With its latest wave of new vehicle releases, such as the 2014 IS 350, Lexus has placed a renewed emphasis on building cars that are “fun to drive.” Axing the LFA, which has to be the most “fun” Lexus vehicle ever created, seemed to be a step backward in this regard. However, the LF-LC , should it retain most of its innovative design features at a more accessible price, could be just what Lexus needs to take fun to a whole new level.

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