Time for a Car Stereo Upgrade?

by Joe Ferguson on March 18, 2013

Car Audio

There are some great car gifts you can give to your friends and family for the holidays (or for any occasion), including a new stereo system. If that got you thinking about your own car radio and how it might be a little bit outdated or maybe even broken, it’s not too late to add a new car stereo to your wish list. Or you could always get your own gift and purchase a new stereo system for yourself!

When your older car is in good shape and is still functioning well, there’s no need to purchase an entirely new car just to get all the cool gadgets that the latest autos are equipped with. You can make some quick updates to your car audio by replacing your old car radio with a state-of-the-art, aftermarket stereo system.

There are a lot of high-tech options, so be sure to do some research to decide which model will be best for you and your car. Big box retailers like Frye’s and Best Buy provide a long list of choices in-store and on their websites. You can also visit your local auto shop that carries aftermarket stereo systems and can install them for you. A good shop will use quality components from top manufacturers such as Alpine, Kenwood, Orion, and JVC.

When looking at all the options out there, new age car electronics including radios, video, and car alarm systems, can be a little overwhelming, especially in comparison to your simple old car radio. The familiar knobs and buttons of your car radio are now laser lights and digital displays. The new system’s computer can receive satellite signals and sync with your phone and iPod either with a dock or by Bluetooth. There may be a video screen with touch-screen controls or GPS navigation on a map.

Amazing arrays of options are available from a basic $59 sound system to customized enhancements that vary in price. A reputable auto shop will be able to customize every job according to the customer’s individual wants and needs.

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