The Mercedes-Benz 6×6 G63 AMG®

by Nate Torvik on March 7, 2013

G63 AMGDo you remember your Mercedes-Benz history lessons? When the G-Class was first created, it was made to be used as a military vehicle by the Shah of Iran, but has since become an icon of Mercedes and the epitome of a truly legendary SUV. An example of rugged luxury and exclusivity, this off-road vehicle has become a symbol of the durability and reliability of what Mercedes-Benz can do. Well, what if I told you that the epic tale of the G-Class is about to take a new turn in the fall of 2013?

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the all-new 6 x 6 G63 AMG®, being produced in extremely limited fashion in the fall of 2013. Yes, that reads 6 x 6, like a 4 x 4, with two more wheels.  According to Motoramic, six-wheel-drive trucks have been used over the years for both commercial and military purposes, but none have ever been decked out like this. The 6 x 6 G63 AMG® is not just a steel box on six wheels. It is the ultimate luxury off-roader.

Inside, this Mercedes behemoth features carbon-fiber accents throughout the dashboard to provide some added flair, along with premium quilted white leather seats, for you and your closest hardcore friends.  A 5.5L, twin-turbo V8 AMG® engine produces upwards of 563 horsepower, bringing this beast to life with unexpected quickness. Oh, and let’s not forget about the wheels I’ve been raving about, each with its own locking differential, the ability to inflate and deflate from the cabin, and a 30/40/30 split of the torque for the axles. It’s like Frankenstein’s monster, except a G-Class that’s more well-built and fun.

Think you’ve read enough? Then you should check out this video of this SUV in action and promptly wipe the drool from your mouth. It’s unattractive.



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