Russian Dash-Cams

by Joe Ferguson on February 28, 2013

Hands on Steering Wheel

Some of the most entertaining automotive clips on the Internet are generated by Russians with dashboard mounted cameras. These dash-cams, initially mounted for insurance purposes, have recently received more attention because of the meteorite that flew into Russian airspace and subsequently exploded overtop the city of Chelyabinsk.

The initial purpose of dash-cams is for protection from crooked police officers and insurance scammers. To combat these sometimes corrupt cops or people looking for an easy payday by making false accusations of automotive misconduct, Russian drivers record every second on the road.

It makes sense that these Russian drivers would want to protect themselves from other motorists. Some drivers wish to falsely accuse them of crimes that could potentially make it difficult for them to get auto financing, auto loans, or cause them to lose driving privileges all together.

Recording every bit of the drivers’ routines ensures that they capture undeniable evidence of (for or against) any crime or accident that transpires during a drive. This also makes for some of the wildest car videos to ever grace the Internet. Reviewing the scenes from a lot of these videos, you can certainly see why drivers would want to record the action on the roads of Mother Russia.

Scenes of broad-daylight violence (with guns, bats, hatchets, etc.) and insane crashes are common sights in these videos. It’s no wonder Russian drivers would want to record the things they see on the road – which can be both comical and terrifying.

Recently the dash-cams have received more attention after drivers posted videos of the Chelyabinsk meteor captured by their dashboard mounted cameras.

With so much happening on roads all over the world, it’s surprising that we don’t see as many American cars with dash-cams. The main reason for these cameras is protection from the wild driving habits of others, which isn’t just a Russian phenomenon. Could Americans benefit from recording their everyday drives – or would it be just another distraction?

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