A Good Day To Die Hard…in a Mercedes-Benz

by Nate Torvik on February 22, 2013

Yes, everyone has seen or at least heard of the Die Hard franchise. One of the most popular Christmas movies in the history of Christmas movies (yes, it is a Christmas movie), Die Hard swept the nation on its original release in 1988, and continues to do so every year around Christmastime. Since 1988, five more in the series have been released, the most recent titled A Good Day to Die Hard.As it turns out, director John Moore and the folks behind the scenes brought one major luxury to the movie, a plethora of Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes vehicles are known throughout the world to be some of the most dependable and durable automobiles that have ever been made, but little to none of this mattered in the making of the sixth edition of Die Hard. For those of you who have watched these movies, you can all recall the amount of destruction and chaos that John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) leaves in his wake. Those who haven’t watched the movies can just take my word for it. This all adds up to the decimation of some of Mercedes most iconic cars—just for the Hollywood spotlight.

Featuring 14 different Mercedes, from the Mercedes-Benz C-Class to the G-Class to the Unimog, Mercedes models were scattered all throughout this film (pun intended). Through all of the explosions and an $11 million car chase, which resulted in the demolition of 132 vehicles, the film definitely displays the best that Mercedes has to offer. The cars look fantastic, even when smashed to pieces, and there is no doubt in the mind of the producers that Mercedes was exactly the brand needed to pull off the perfect Die Hard movie. Maybe next time they can give me one, if they’re just going to destroy it anyways.




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