Scion FR-S Joins Toyota Pro Racing Circuit

by Nate Torvik on February 13, 2013

gt86 and friendsWhen the Scion FR-S (Toyota GT86/Subaru BR-Z) was released in late 2012, the world of the affordable sports cars was not only brought to the forefront of the automotive world, it was shoved there. Since, the FR-S has become the talk of the proverbial town, residing on the lips of so many Toyota fans as the next coming of the Celica, Supra, or 2000GT. While it may not have the firepower and prestige that those older Toyota sports cars merited, the FR-S is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and with a price tag that starts under $25,000, it is no wonder why.

Now, the Scion FR-S has taken another step in completely pervading the Toyota family in the U.S., entering into the annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race circuit. The FR-S will become the first rear-wheel drive sports car to take a step into the arena to participate in 27 years, while the race itself is just 37 years old. Making its debut at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, the racing FR-S just brings more excitement to this car’s ever-growing popularity.

The FR-S replaces another Scion family member, the tC, as the representative for Toyota. Before the tC, it was the Toyota Celica, one of the most classic sports cars in the company’s long history. Is the FR-S/GT86 Toyota’s next Celica? Will it go down in the history books as one of the classic sports cars from a company that practically rules the automotive universe? We may not have the knowledge of that for a few years to come, but the influence that this car is going to have on the future of Toyota and its fans is immense. No, that is not a statement of opinion; that is a statement of fact.

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