Holy Clever Batman Reference! The Original Batmobile Has A New Owner

by Joe Ferguson on January 25, 2013

Last month, we told you that the original Batmobile from the classic 1960s television series was headed to auction. Well, this month, the iconic car finally made its auction debut and fetched a hefty sum of $4.2 million bat-dollars.

Okay, so bat-dollars still aren’t recognized by the federal government, no matter how hard I lobby for their adoption into circulation. Good old U.S. greenbacks, however, are still legal tender, and this classic piece of television history generated a great deal of cash at January’s Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction.

George Barris, the original Batmobile designer, constructed the car from a 1955 Ford Futura and bought the vehicle from Ford Motor Co. for a staggering $1. This makes the auction earnings (minus one dollar) pure profit. Barris is responsible for adding all of the classic bat-gadgets featured on Batman’s signature car, things like spinning blades that extend from the front of the car, an emergency tire inflator, and a bat-tering ram for knocking down reinforced doors.

This was the very first time the original Batmobile had been up for auction. Since 1968, the world-famous car had been in Barris’s own private collection.

Now the question is, what will the person who ended up with this car do with it? We think it would be a rather sad state of affairs if the Batmobile were once again tucked away from the world in order to preserve an investment.

The owner doesn’t have to dress up in the signature Batman regalia and cruise the streets, but he most certainly should. Share the Batmobile with the people; its proper place is out patrolling the streets. If you have $4.2 million dollars to buy a novelty vehicle, you definitely have enough cash for automotive repairs and to gas it up and show it off.

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