Going Diesel

by Joe Ferguson on January 24, 2013

Choosing the right car for you can be a daunting process. Several factors come into consideration; fuel economy, performance, make, model, color…the list could go on for ages. There’s one question, however, that sometimes goes without being acknowledged – “Should I go diesel?”

There are many advantages to driving a car with a diesel engine.

Cost Efficiency There are several reasons diesel cars can save their drivers money at their diesel mechanic’s garage. Lower maintenance costs due to the lack of an electronic fuel ignition system keeps maintenance costs low. Not having this electronic piece cuts down on maintenance costs because fewer parts means fewer repair costs; its absence also eliminates electronic maladies from the fuel ignition process.

Longevity Diesel cars can have a longer lifespan than conventional gasoline cars. With proper care and maintenance, a diesel or turbo-diesel car can run well over 250,000 miles.

Fuel Economy Diesel cars have the ability to generate more power with less fuel than conventional gas cars. Thanks to a high compression rate, diesel engines are able to produce more horse power per liter of fuel than gas cars.

Although the initial purchase of a diesel vehicle may be slightly more expensive than traditional gas engine vehicles, you’ll save money in the long run thanks to fuel economy, fewer taxes, and lower costs for tune ups.

Modern diesel engines have lower emissions than their predecessors of 20-30 years ago. They don’t have as strong of a diesel smell and aren’t as loud as they used to be. As diesel cars evolve to be as quiet and fashionable as standard gasoline cars, you may end up seeing more on the road. You might even find yourself in the driver’s seat of a diesel car in the near future.

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