Snow Tires: Your Car’s Best Friend in Winter

by Joe Ferguson on January 21, 2013

Snow Tire

Winter can be an unpredictable beast. Depending on where you live, some winter seasons are mild with almost no snow accumulation, while the next winter, your area could be catapulted into almost blizzard conditions.

Sound familiar? That’s precisely what happened in the Midwest these past two years. This may leave you asking the question, “Do I really need snow tires on my car?” You may have dodged many a bullet in winters past by driving on your regular, all-season car tires, but there are a few reasons snow tires are an obvious advantage for cold weather driving.


Reasons to Use Snow Tires

Nobody counts winter-driving maintenance as one of their favorite things to do. Doing simple things like switching out your regular tires for snow tires, however, could make a major difference in how your car handles winter driving.

Snow tires have specially formulated treads that channel ice, snow, and slush away from the surface of the tire to improve traction. All-season tires are designed to satisfy a more broad range of driving conditions. By being specifically designed for winter driving, snow tires make it much easier to gain traction and avoid accidents.

For more treacherous winter driving, some snow tires can have metal lugs or studs added to them. This can greatly increase traction that wouldn’t be achieved with regular car tires.

Even if you install your snow tires and don’t face terrible winter driving conditions, you have purchased more than specialized tires – you’ve acquired peace of mind. Proper winter preparation will prevent you from driving head first into a situation your car wouldn’t be able to handle with regular tires.

When it comes to finding the right tires for you, your local, reputable auto shop  is the best place to get advice from a professional who’s driving in the same conditions you are. They’ll also be able to help you with other important tasks such as engine repairs, car alignment, and car maintenance.

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