Sandy Ravaged Cars Up for Auction

by Joe Ferguson on January 17, 2013

When Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the east coast a few months back, shockwaves were felt all over the country. Billions of dollars in property damage, loss of homes, a nearly decimated coast, and most tragically, ruined or lost lives. 

Thousands of cars were hit hard by the historic storm, as well. In November, we warned that these damaged cars could be working their way into auto auctions, and now it seems they’ve finally squirmed their way back on the market.

Riverhead, New York’s Calverton Executive Airpark is now home to 15,000 cars that were caught in the wake of Hurricane Sandy late last year.

Insurance Auto Auction Corp. is paying Riverhead over $3,000 per acre occupied by the dilapidated automobiles. The fate of the saltwater ravaged car collection is still undetermined.

Apparently these cars will be available for purchase at auction; some will be sold for scrap, or dissected for parts.

The problem here is what will happen in the long term for both keeping so many malfunctioning cars in the same area and purchasing a car with hurricane damage history.

Environmentalists worry that the thousands of cars could be a significant problem for local ecology in the future.  Oil and other potential hazardous chemicals could leak into the ground, and while this may not have an immediate impact, this could significantly damage the local ecosystem in the future.

Anyone purchasing an auction car  should definitely know the vehicle’s history. A car damaged by saltwater and ocean sediment may not have detectable problems right off the bat. Down the road, however, that corrosive saltwater and sediment could cause a great deal of damage that will no doubt diminish your used car value.

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