Introducing the Toyota Corolla Furia

by Nate Torvik on January 16, 2013

Toyota Corolla Furia

If I were to tell you that the next greatest thing from Toyota was a Corolla, how would you feel? Bored? Unimpressed? I couldn’t agree more, but Toyota would beg to differ. As one of the best-selling vehicles worldwide, the Corolla has become a hallmark of the company. At the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Toyota debuted its latest concept vehicle for the future of the brand, the Corolla Furia.

With a new design and direction, the Corolla Furia, although it is only a concept, goes to show that the company is trying to keep up with the ever-changing market and give its customers a more energetic and fiery option. Customer loyalty only gets you so far, and while Toyota has and will always have an extremely loyal and passionate consumer base, they must change and adapt to their environment.

A concept based purely on design elements (as there was no interior in the vehicle whatsoever), the Furia sports sharper, more seductive angles and lines, giving it the best of both worlds: an efficient, reliable vehicle that has style and exudes youth and energy. If that is the future of the Corolla, Toyota may have found themselves another customer.

Although we will not know for sure when this sleek, trendy concept vehicle will become a reality, we do know that Toyota is headed in the right direction. A redesign of one of the world’s most popular vehicles in the Corolla may be just what the doctor ordered for an automotive brand that needs no introduction, and certainly doesn’t need even more of an advantage in the industry. Unfortunately for everyone else, that is exactly what they are going to get.

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