Mercedes-Benz Has a Record 2012

by Nate Torvik on January 11, 2013

2012 was a very good year for many. The New York Giants won the Super Bowl, Barack Obama was reelected as President (which is good depending on who you are), Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 60th year as Queen of Britain, the film “The Artist” won five Academy Awards as a silent film (the first for any silent film since 1927), and the world became a better place (in my opinion). The automotive industry as a whole had a great year, recovering from many economic depressions around the world and rebuilding fresh, young consumer bases with a multitude of new, exciting, and affordable vehicles. Mercedes-Benz joined the fray, having the best sales year in its long and storied history, selling more than 1.3 million of its core Mercedes vehicles!

The vehicle segment that had and will continue to have the largest impact on Mercedes sales into 2013 was the introduction and continuation of its compact vehicles. The B-Class and A-Class were resoundingly popular, with the A-Class getting off to one of the hottest starts ever for a new model. After visiting Paris recently, I can tell you that the A-Class will become more and more popular in the European market, because you can’t fit any other car into most of the parking spots!

The U.S. took over as the most prevalent market for the luxury automaker, surpassing Germany for the first time. With the introduction of a redesigned S-Class and E-Class, as well as the much-anticipated debut of the all-new CLA-Class, the U.S. market will continue to thrive and prosper throughout 2013, ready to set new records by year’s end once again.

While it is true that we are barely into the year that will be 2013, Mercedes is already gaining momentum. With the Detroit Auto Show looming and the debut of new vehicles on the horizon, the luxury automotive market better prepare, because Mercedes is coming.

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