New Mercedes CLA-Class Compact Could Arrive in 2013

by Nate Torvik on January 4, 2013

It is never too late for some post-holiday gift giving, is it? That has to be what Mercedes-Benz was thinking when they released pictures of the all-new CLA-Class coupe that is supposed to hit our shores some time in 2013. According to a report from Motor Authority, the newest model targeted to a younger generation of Mercedes customers looks stunningly beautiful, from its star-studded front grille to its sleek and stylish taillights.

Mercedes first attempt at a compact model for its U.S. customers, the CLA-Class is a chip off of the block that was started in the European market.  The A-Class, a recently released model that has enjoyed great success on Mercedes home continent, is part of the inspiration for the new compact model in the U.S. While the front end of the CLA-Class is nearly identical to that of the A-Class, the back end resembles the current Mercedes four-door coupe, the CLS-Class.

According to the story, the CLA-Class will come with the latest in Mercedes technology, including an innovative front-wheel drive platform called Mercedes Frontwheel Architecture (MFA®). With 4MATIC® expected to come standard on all U.S. models, as well as a seven-speed transmission and an interior with the luxury and design of the A-Class, this compact coupe will be sure to turn some heads.

After its debut and release in 2013, we will see what kind of impact the Mercedes CLA-Class will really have on the youthful market of U.S. customers. Mercedes does not often fail in attempts at new markets, and this new four-door coupe should be no different. Always a leader in the automotive industry, Mercedes is looking to lead the way yet again with the CLA-Class.

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