Toyota Going Green

by Nate Torvik on December 27, 2012

In today’s world, consumers are not only researching the product they are purchasing, but also the way in which it was produced. Many consumers are choosing to purchase only those products that are produced in an ecologically efficient manner. This means that manufacturers have had to start thinking “green” and have begun to find ways of adjusting their production practices and facilities to reuse materials. They’ve even changed their methods of production to deliver the same amount of product with a substantially less amount of waste. One of the world’s largest companies, the automotive giant Toyota, has taken those ideas and run with them, decreasing their carbon footprint and giving the people vehicles they want with an environmental twist.

According to Toyota’s 2012 North American Environmental Report, since 2002, Toyota has reduced energy consumption per vehicle by 15 percent, a huge number when you consider the sheer number of vehicles that are produced by the company. As the world’s largest producer of hybrid and electric vehicles, Toyota’s implementation of these measures to assure that they are as green as possible makes them a company that all others should strive to emulate. They’ve even produced more eco-friendly vehicles for the 2013 model year, including the RAV4 EV, Prius C, and Prius Plug-In Hybrid. Not only is Toyota a friend to the environment, but they are also making drivers become the same.

Toyota also reuses containers from its logistics division, gives money toward educating and training environmental leaders, and funds programs to educate students about the importance of our environment and how to protect it. With so many outstanding programs and systems implemented within Toyota, Toyota will continue to model environment responsibility in the years to come.

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