Mercedes Sets Sights on Super Bowl

by Nate Torvik on December 27, 2012

Every year, the Super Bowl is one of the most watched events on television. Depending upon the two teams competing, the viewership may be higher or lower, but no matter what, many viewers tune into the Super Bowl for one reason, and one reason only: the commercials. This year, the Super Bowl is being hosted in New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, so you can imagine that this is one of the largest advertising opportunities for one of the world’s leading luxury automakers. Mercedes-Benz has decided to partake in the ritual commercial festivities during the Super Bowl, marking just the second time that they have ever participated in this most glorious of television advertising events.

The anticipation coming from the Mercedes camp is centered on the release of the newest class of Mercedes models in the U.S., the CLA-Class. This commercial is the coming-out party for the new, more affordable four-door coupe, one that Mercedes is hoping can connect with those from a younger generation. The 60-second spot targets those in their 30s who may not be able to own a higher-end luxury vehicle just yet, but a much more reasonably priced CLA-Class coupe will give them a viable option. The current average age for a Mercedes owner is 52.

The commercial, which may cost around $7 million for a 60-second spot according to Reuters, will feature Usher, one of the most recognizable music figures of today, as a high-class businessman with Kate Upton, one of the most recognizable and popular supermodels right now, as the apple of his eye. For the amount of money it costs to advertise in the Super Bowl, you need as much star power as you can get.

The CLA-Class will make its public debut in March at the Geneva Auto Show, but preempting that with this adrenaline-pumping commercial will be Mercedes initial step on the road toward providing a younger crowd with their first Mercedes-Benz. I personally can’t decide what I’m more excited for; the CLA-Class or the commercial.

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